VCT Cleaning

Gama Floor Care offers full stripping and waxing services for vinyl composite tile floors. Gama Floor Care will bring neglected flooring back to life again.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and good quality workmanship, we aggressively power through dull, scratched and yellowed buildup, which removes the old wax bringing it down to the original surface of the tile. This combined with careful application of polymer wax will restore the luster of your VCT floor, making it more durable and beautiful.

Gama Floor Care works to your specifications using only high quality products to achieve the best results possible. We also offer ongoing services with burnishing and buffing, or periodic waxing or recoating. We give you quality workmanship you can trust.

Our prices are very competitive becasue we have invested in high production, power scrubbing machine which can safely and thoroughly strip old wax off VCT tiles ten times faster than older methods.